Monthly Archives: June 2009

Michael Jackson – His music will live forever!

A childhood hero for many and a master music titan. With some of his songs containing a magic that keeps the track fresh no matter what year you listen to it in. In my opinion no other artist has ever done this. I heard his track Billy Jean after many years and it’s still got the fresh , new ageless beat to it total genius. I’ve pulled out the old records and will be listening to the great music he …

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The Consumers Guide to Dot Com Riches

Starting Your Very Own Profitable Online Business or want to Increase Web Traffic, But DON’T Want To Spend The Next 9 Months Studying Everything There Is To Know About Internet Marketing, Then… “…Discover The Simple, Proven And Profitable Fundamental Techniques To Starting/Improving Your Very Own Online Business The Right Way” * Just follow the simple steps in this easy to follow step-by-step guide, and be well on your way to having your very own profitable online business that works hard …

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ACTION – Courtesy of Ron G Holland – Top Biz Guru

THE GREAT SECRET OF LIFE IS ACTION THROUGH NON-ACTION I am a great believer and practitioner of eastern philosophy. I have also benefited tremendously from practices such as meditation and visualisation. I am the first to confess that most of my BIG ideas and success ideas (Eurekas!) have come as a result of first feeding the subconscious mind tremendous input of the outcome that I want to appear in the real world, and then taking time out relaxing, letting go, …

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