Monthly Archives: October 2011

Why Having a Business Blog is Important

A business blog is a must for every business; whether you have a website for your business, your business is a brick and mortar only or if your business is only on the Internet. If you are in any type of business at all, you need a business blog. Blogging has become the way to drive new traffic to your business, whether the business is on the Internet or in a building. This is because people connect personally to you …

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Web strategy is more important then web design.

Starting an online business? You need more than just a website to succeed. You need a plan. You need strategies for driving potential customers to your site. You need a site designed to sell effectively. You need strategies to convert site traffic into money in the bank. Web strategy is more important then web design. When you have strategy then you are going places as you have a sense of direction and a plan to get to where you need …

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