We at BigFanta are an established website strategy and design agency based in Alperton, West London. From purchasing domain names to creating and launching highly complex e-commerce solutions, we can help and guide you.

Our Ethos

Creative and non-conformative to the norm. Highly imaginative from creation till dawn. Wild and wacky, imaginative and smart. Visionaries and masters of the art.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with higher quality – you’re investing in people who are masters of their art, rather than those who don’t respect themselves and just put something quick out onto the market. Invest in quality and honor yourself and the universe.

Dr Demartini

Our Clients and Services

We work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to larger organisations, delivering complete Web Solution packages that include:

  • Website specification, design and analysis
  • Secure hosting, testing and maintenance
  • Online retailing – shopping carts, e-commerce solutions
  • Online marketing, branding and logos
  • Online promotional materials and media
  • Search Engine optimisation (to achieve great rankings!)

Visit our portfolio page for some great examples of work we have recently delivered for our clients.

Our Team

The team here at BigFanta are truly passionate about the web! Creativity and design excellence are integral to our business goals and objectives.

Across the team we have a wealth of experience gained from working with blue chip companies such as Tetley, Sun Microsystems and Oracle. Our projects include building websites for individuals as well as business owners. We particularly specialise in creating sites for public speakers, life coaches and the personal development industry. Whilst working with clients in this industry, we have gained valuable insights, not only for the projects we undertake, but also for ourselves as we continually seek to grow our minds and to be on top of our game, delivering superb customer service.

The ‘BigFanta’ Story

The name originally started off as a title for a super hero character based on a story we all loved during our high school days. BigFanta was so catchy that we decided to use it for the name of the company.  We wanted a brand that people would remember and that had synergy with the fun and creative aspects of the Internet that had become so integral to our lives. BigFanta now forms the foundation of our marketing strategy – a fun name you will remember and smile at but that is positively anchored in creativity and super hero like service!

BigFanta Partnerships

We are continually looking for like minded people who want to work with us or create a Joint Venture as a means to achieving a larger commercial goal. So why not drop us an email with a CV or Portfolio with your information, for the possibility of developing a future working partnership.