Search Engine Optimisation

Increase your revenue and website traffic using Social Media marketing and Search Engine Optimisation tools.

Exploiting these latest techniques will help increase organic website page rankings, making it easier for people to find your online business and driving serious traffic to your site.

For effective, measurable results we recommend taking one of the following packages out for a minimum of 3 to 6 months. Please call us today to discuss your needs and to receive a competitive quote.

Local SEO Local SEO Professional Golden Keyword SEO Golden Keyword SEO Professional
Best suitable for For local business owners For serious local business owners Local/Web wide businesses Local/Web wide business domination
Local Keywords 5 10 5 10
URL’s Allowed 1 3 1 3
Natural Link Building Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual Link Building Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual PDF Sharing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual Blog Comments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manual Press Releases Yes Yes Yes Yes
On Page Optimisation Yes Yes Yes Yes
On Page Content Yes Yes Yes Yes
Content Optimisation No Yes No Yes
Private Blog Network No Yes Yes Yes
Tier 2 links (social sharing, social media) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tier 3 link building No Yes Yes Yes
PBN of 20 web 2.0’s (per url) pr6 to 9 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facebook Likes (drip feed) No Yes No Yes
Twitter Followers (drip feed) No Yes No Yes
Social Media No Yes No Yes
Social Advertising No Yes Yes Yes
YouTube video ranked on google No Yes No Yes
PBN of actual websites depending on keyword No No 3-5 5-7
PBN of web 2.0’s (content posted monthly) 0 7 7 14
Social Media (facebook likes, google pluses, twitter) No Yes Yes Yes
Social Bookmarking No Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Report Yes Yes Yes Yes
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NOTE: Due to Algorythmic Updates All Items are provided as Our SEO Experts see fit (for best results)