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Online Reputation Management

Nowadays it is very easy for anyone to find out more about you, your brand or company simply by using the latest search engine technology. If a consumer for example searches using your company name, your website is likely to be the first site they see on Google’s results page. By default, there will normally be 10 results on a single search engine page. The other nine could be good or bad information about you or your business, collected from for example, newspaper articles, forums or blogs.

Being aware of what is being said online about you or your company and its brand assets is crucial to ensure your image and reputation remain positive. Responding to questions being raised online in the right way could significantly influence your reputation. Building up and maintaining a positive, open and honest profile of your company, the brands it owns and the marketing activities it might undertake, will play a key role in creating a strong, long term online reputation.

BigFanta helps our clients devise effective strategies to help protect their Internet reputation, whether it be planning for the future or helping to remove existing negative coverage.