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Do You Need a Personal Blog?

Branding is important for anyone who’s online, and writing your own personal blog is a perfect way to brand yourself. You need a personal blog if you want to tell the world about your unique talents and the value that you bring. Here are a few reasons why a personal blog is so important: – It’s Your Social Resume. Your blog is an online resume that shows people what you can do and what value you bring. It shows off …

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Top 10 Traffic Ideas for your Blog

Blogs are popular ways to create an online presence for personal and business reasons. You can build a blog for free and begin posting content right away. But, what good is that content if no one is reading it. Here are ten ideas to bring in the traffic your blog needs to survive. Of all the successful blogs on the Internet, hundreds more have failed. Running a blog is like running a business website. Unless you are willing to put …

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Get More Traffic to Your Blog With Keyword Phrases

While there are still many bloggers who just blog because they like to write and express their ideas online, most people want someone to read it. If you want someone to read your blog, you need traffic. And you don’t just want a little traffic, you want as many people as possible to share your blog with. The best way to reach these people is through the search engines. And the best way to show up in the search engine …

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Blogging tips for wordpress mastery

Some simple tips to massively improve your wordpress blog. Using wordpress the right way can help you get better SEO results and visibility online. These simple tips will if you don’t know them already.

Consider blogging

If writing is an art, then, blogging is one way of using words to come up with an art. This is because people who are into blogging are the ones who are artistic on their own sense, carefully choosing words that would best describe their feelings, sentiments, wishes, desires, and everything. Basically, blogs were first introduced as weblogs that refer to a ‘server’s log file. It was created when web logging hit the virtual market. Since its inception in the …

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