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Determine Obstacles and Resources

Determine the Obstacles to Face and Resources You Need to Meet Your Business Goals It’s all very nice to set goals, but how will you meet them? As part of your business success blueprint, you have to figure out exactly what resources you need to meet your goals. An effective way to do this is to first look at what obstacles you face. Then think about what you need to overcome those obstacles. Get that right and youíll be prepared …

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Web/Business Planing

Sometimes people get stuck when they want to get started in setting up a website or expanding further. We understand this so have put together some questions you can go through to get a better understanding to help you with your web project. Summary * What is the initial concept? * What is your current situation? * What will your key success factors be? * What are your longer-term vision and goals? Market analysis * What does the current market …

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