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3 Ways to Get Google to Love Your Local Business

There is only one way to get Google to love your local business and that is to give Google what it wants. That makes sense, doesn’t it? So what does Google want from you? 1. Relevant Keywords:  Google wants you to use keywords that match what people are typing into its homepage all day long. Think of Google as a broker that connects your customers questions to your web content and think of keywords as the medium of currency. If …

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Google checks your domains whois

Did you know that google checks your domain name “whois” info. It then uses this information to also rank your domain. The number of domains you have registered in your name is looked at. The number of years you have registered the domain name is also looked at. This means if you register your domain name for 10 years it likes this. If you have other domain names it will check them and then your new one to determine your …

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Google the hungry beast

Meet Google. The noun that became a verb. The world’s favorite search engine, and the company whose motto is “Don’t be evil…”

Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first

Yes its true Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. When Google starts to pick up activity about you in other places it puts its ears up and follows you. Its starts to think “something is happening with this site lets follow it”. When other sites link back to you and more and more places on the web start talking about you, Google then wants a piece of the action and gives you better rankings. The clever …

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