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Depending on the type of video you make for your website it’s a good  to have a rough idea of how many words approximately fit in a certain duration. For example when make vlogs some people prefer to write out the content so they have a structure for the bases of their video. Or if a explainer video or promo video is needed it’s a good to have a guide line of how many words may be needed for the video. This is one of the most common expectations to manage for the duration of a video. Most people think they can get a lot more information into a short video than is realistically feasible. It also helps if you need a voice over artist to read a script for you.

Use the following as average guideline: approx 75 words for every 30 second of video.

Word Count Video Duration
75 30 seconds
150 1 minute
225 90 seconds
300 2 minutes
375 2 minutes, 30 seconds
450 3 minutes
525 3 minutes, 30 seconds
600 4 minutes