14 Ways to Build Strategic Relationships With the Who’s Who of Social Media

You know the feeling.

You’ve worked hard on a new post, a new video or a groundbreaking new product.

You release it to the world. Publish it to all the social networks, share it with your email list, tell your friends … and nothing happens.

The needle doesn’t move.

Sometimes you just feel stuck. You’re doing everything “you should be doing” but not really going anywhere.

You’ve worked hard to get people to notice you and your company. You’ve got a little traction here and there, but it’s not enough. You feel like you’ve paid your dues but you’re not getting paid back.

There has to be a better way.

There is, and that’s where industry influencers come into play.

With a little help from the influencers (and their massive audiences) you can move from obscurity to a firm place on the map. Without their help, your future’s unclear.

But how do you make those initial connections?

Well, the answers are right in front of you. I’m about to share 14 secrets with you to building relationships with the Who’s Who of your industry.

Use with care. Remember that online influencers are people just like you are. Networking is 98% about being a nice person and having good manners. So go ahead and use these “secrets,” but use them with respect.

1. Start cultivating

Pick a small set of influencers (say 4-6 people) to start with.

Subscribe to their blogs (via email or RSS), follow them in Twitter, connect on Google+, subscribe to their Facebook updates, “like” their Facebook page, and join LinkedIn Groups that they own or are actively participating in. If you can, attend a live event they’re speaking at.

Check in on them regularly and start to engage in conversations with them on their blog and via social media. This will prepare the foundation to take the actions that follow.

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