3 Types of Mobile Apps You Can Create for Your Customers

The best way to take advantage of the mobile boom is to create your own custom apps. Apps get your customers interacting directly with your brand on their phones, and connections don’t get much more personal than that.

Everyone tells you that you should create an app, but if you’re not a techie wizard this can seem like a daunting task. If you’re clueless about creating your app, start by asking yourself, ‘What will it do?’ There are three different types of apps, each with its own purpose.

Advertising Apps

Advertising apps are free apps you give your customer that promote your business while entertaining, informing or helping them in some way. These apps give them something to do. It might be a game, an activity, a creative tool, a tool to help them find what they’re looking for, or anything else that people can use. While they’re using it, banner messages remind them that your business can help them in other ways as well.

These types of apps are wonderful for branding. If you know your market well and create something they’ll really love, it becomes associated with your business’s name. The advertising built into the app keeps you on their radar. When they need the products or services you have to offer, you’ll be the one they choose.

Scanning Apps

There are also apps that give information based on scanning a code, chip or coupon. The app enables users to scan a code that they find on offline marketing materials, products, or websites. The most common type of code is the QR code, which is a kind of 3-dimensional barcode.

Users need an app to do the scanning and you can be the one that provides it to them. When they scan, they can go straight to your website, get a coupon, download content, make a phone call, or check price comparisons.

Scanning apps work well because they make people’s lives much easier. You speed up the time it takes them to get the deals you’re offering. There are lots of ways you can go beyond the typical scanner and make it interesting with a nice interface or cool features.

Apps that Make the Sale

You can also use apps that streamline the ordering process, such as those that save the user’s information. If you’ve ever bought something on Amazon with its one-click purchasing, you’ve experienced the benefits of this first-hand. Amazon makes it faster and easier to purchase from them.

These apps work great for offline businesses as well. Ontario’s Pizza Pizza chain created an app that takes care of the entire ordering process for its customers. It gives you a menu and ordering options. You can create your own pizza on your smartphone. When you’re ready to order, it has all of your data saved from your previous orders so you don’t have to enter it all again.

Your customers are much more likely to buy from you when you make it fun, interactive and easy. Creating your own apps is very cost-effective and they can bring you huge returns in the form of customer loyalty and sales. The key is to keep your apps simple. Focus on making life easier somehow for your customers. Then give it a fun and unique twist.

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