What Determines Your Professional Brand?

Professional Branding

There are four key elements that make up the image and brand you present to the public:

What you look like

This includes the clothes you wear, your features, your cleanliness, and your makeup (if you wear any). No matter what anyone tells you, people do judge a book by its cover.

How you behave

Your behavior is demonstrated through things like your personality, the way you speak, any mannerisms you exhibit (such as twirling your hair), the way you smile (or not), the way you shake someone’s hand, and other actions and statements that demonstrate your values.

What you know

Your education gives some indication of what you know. But people will be primarily looking at the skills, knowledge and talent that you possess when assessing your professional brand.

How you are different

Your professional brand must include anything that demonstrates how you are different from others. Potential employers are always looking at how you would add value to their company.

Having a professional brand is not a new concept. It’s the image you present to potential employers, investors, JV partners, clients, etc wherever you are. In a competitive market, it’s essential to build your own professional brand so that you will stand out from the rest of the pack and build a consistent reputation. Your brand will also help people remember who you are so that when they are asked if they know someone good for a job, you’ll be more likely to come to mind.

Where Will People See Your Professional Brand?

You exhibit your professional brand everywhere, both online and offline, in everything you do. Online, you find your brand reflected in search engine results, social media, any blogs you write for, photos of yourself, or any articles you’ve written. Whether good or bad, your brand is also reflected wherever someone mentions your name.

Offline, you demonstrate your personal brand in any face to face encounters with people. For example, in networking lunches, business meetings, interviews or casual introductions people give you. Anywhere you are mentioned or shown in print, or any offline publications you’ve done will also help build your brand.

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