Face to Face Meetings are still king!

Get Out From Behind Your Computer – The Lost Art of Face to Face Meetings with Prospects

Why should you ever set foot out of the office to make a sale when you can communicate online? Between social media networks and voice over Internet protocol, everything from the initial pitch to closing the deal can be done on the Web. But while communicating online is fast and convenient, it’s simply not as effective as meeting your prospects face to face. Here’s why.

Attention, Please!

There’s no substitute for face-to-face human contact when it comes to getting someone’s attention. Even the most well-crafted sales page or direct marketing email can’t create the impact of a salesperson in the flesh.

There’s also the problem of multitasking. While the prospect is digesting your message, they’re likely to be checking email, hanging out on Facebook, and watching a football match as well! This means that it’ll be much harder for them to remember the message, if they were even paying attention in the first place.

Trust And Confidence

Even though the number of online sales transactions grows each year, people never stop shopping at brick-and-mortar stores if they can help it. People are still wary of buying things online because of a lack of trust. There’s nothing like a handshake and some good, old-fashioned eye contact to help build credibility. It’s much easier to gain your prospects’ trust when you see them eye to eye.

Instant Feedback

When you’re talking to prospects face-to-face, you get instant feedback on how you’re doing. Even if they’re reluctant to tell you how they feel in words, you’ve got body language and facial expressions to give you a clue of how they feel. Even if you’re chatting on Instant Messenger or talking on Skype, these non-verbal clues are hard to pick up on.

Learning About Your Prospects

Face-to-face meetings are important for learning about your prospects. When you actually spend time with them, you have the opportunity to learn about their families, their lives, and their real wants and needs. This information can be invaluable in creating marketing campaigns or choosing products you think they would like. Personal meetings are also better for networking. You feel a much stronger connection.

Your Customer Service

What do your customers think about a business that’s too busy to deal with them? If you’re only willing to give them 5 minutes of your time on Instant Messenger, this sends the message that you’re not that interested. On the other hand, a company that always makes an effort to meet customers face to face obviously has a commitment to making them happy.

Technology is a great enabler, but it still doesn’t quite replace the personal touch of face-to-face meetings. And this personal touch is essential in creating a strong relationship with your prospects.

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