Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first

Yes its true Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first. When Google starts to pick up activity about you in other places it puts its ears up and follows you. Its starts to think “something is happening with this site lets follow it”. When other sites link back to you and more and more places on the web start talking about you, Google then wants a piece of the action and gives you better rankings.

The clever Google bots search the web and compile information about your site. It likes it when your site has new and fresh content and loves it even more when other sites start talking about you. That’s when Google starts to actually think your site is worth something.

Its like being in school for a popularity contest. The more people that know about you the more noise and buzz the more credibility you get. If you stay quite and don’t make friends and keep to your self then no on wants to know apart from the few loyal ones.

I mean it makes sense right? if you go out about about and network with people and get to know people who in turn know other people your popularity grows. Giving out your business card or telephone is like having a link back to you. The more people who have your number the higher the chance they will call you if they need something that you have can provide them. Its the same with websites. The more sites you network with and exchange information with then in turn they will know other sites and you get linked. Then the flow of links will end up back at your site.

A website on its own is like a dead duck in water. Most people are under the false impression that once they have a website they are on they way to millions. This is not the case people! There is too much hype on the internet as it is. There are millions and millions of sites and other people who also do what you do. So how can you then get noticed?

Its all about people/websites, its a numbers game. You have to think like a net-worker who goes around connecting people and creating opportunities. But in this case you do it on the internet. Connect with sites.

  1. Get articles up that link back to you
  2. Get your blog going to create fresh content for those hungry spiders.
  3. Get videos up and remember to include your web url in the description so that it creates a link back
  4. Get on social networks (includes links to your site)
  5. Make friends on twitter
  6. Join in with forums
  7. Join affiliate programs (create multiple streams)
  8. List your site on directories
  9. Gets some press releases out
  10. Get others to write about your product or service
  11. Do Joint Ventures with people
  12. Write useful comments on related blogs (most sites let you leave your link)

This is just a small list of things. There are tons of things that one can do. Just keep thinking “what else can I do, where else can I have information on the web which makes people aware that I exists”.

Once google picks up on all this, it know something is happening, depending on the way you do this you can make yourself out to be the authority website on your chosen topic. This is what Google wants. It likes this. It then knows that your information is useful and relevant to the things people are typing in the search field. When your popularity grows Google becomes your fan and helps promote you.

There are many thing that you can do, but depending on where your focus is, making time to do this can be hard. We understand this so have taken the ache out of the head and made it easy. Let us do search engine optimisation for you. Let us do your internet marketing for you on your behalf. Check out our packages and you will see that we help you with the things mentioned above.

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