How do I protect my brand online?

Online reputation management is important for businesses. As business becomes increasingly digital, online brand reputation quickly becomes a real world reputation.

It’s been reported that over 50% of adults Google each other and over 90% of B2B buyers use search when starting the buying process. In other words: if your brand has online reputation issues, they will be discovered.

2 ways to defend your brand:

1. Own your brand in the search engine results pages

Build out a web presence on a variety of external sites, in addition to optimising your own site, you can own your brand’s search engine presence. Building a presence, can make it difficult for one negative blog post or article about your brand to grace the first page of the search engines.

2. Build a digital community

If your brand is attacked a digital community of brand advocates can ensure that you will have a group working to defend it a group  truly passionate about your brand, will protect it 24/7 hedging off any potentially negative groundswell that could occur.

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