How To Create A Better Team Dynamic

Granted that at times you have to use an authoritative approach to get your message across. But it would be insane to use this approach in an environment where you are working with people who know what they are doing and are good at what they do. It pays to remain humble and just listen to what the team has to say, especially when you your self have less knowledge in a particular field . If at any stage you begin to act as if you know best (with ego and arrogance), or make decisions based on wishy washy logic on a subject matter that you have none or little knowledge in that field is a sure recipe for flawed results.

In NLP there is a concept called modeling. It basically means, if you want to achieve results in something copy people who have already done it. This has a huge hidden message in it self. Working with people who have already done it before just means they are the best people to learn from. So why behave arrogantly in there presence? Learn from them!

Far too often in a team or group of people some individuals may behave in odd ways. This could be due to many factors, self esteem, insecurities, jealousy, ego, greed, fear, envy etc…. We are human and these things exist with in us all. But as individuals we need to become aware of our own internal thinking. It all boils down to you as an individual.

The team dynamic begins with you as an individual. If you stand by an ethic that is for the greater good and have a sense of integrity then that alone on a subconscious level will spread with in team. It can take time to filter though the team but one wo/man can make a difference. If you put your team before your own ego is a great sign of leadership. People follow people they have respect and trust for.

Respect all your team members, learn the art of listening and inspire. When you take unaccountably for your own actions then who is left to blame? Do what you do with conviction. Steady the internal self talk, observe what is happening within the team dynamic, when you begin to see this, the team dynamic and not you but the team, you will begin to see how that team dynamic can be influenced for the good. Keep the intent pure and support your pears and the team will flourish.


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