How to Create a Branded CV

Creating a branded CV makes your job search much easier. This is a resume that clearly sets you aside from others and sells them on your unique qualities. Today, it’s not a matter of ‘Why should I hire you,’ but ‘Why should I hire you instead of all these other people?’ Your branded resume should tell them that.

Laser Targeting

First of all, who are you targeting and how well do you know them? Creating a branded CV that speaks directly to the hiring manager and their needs is what gets you the job. Get to know the industry and find out exactly what employers are looking for. In your CV, use industry-specific jargon and terminology so that you’re speaking their language. On the Internet, research job listings and companies to get ideas. If possible, talk to someone in the industry to get advice.

Emphasize Your Natural Strengths

Your natural strengths are the things you can do without even trying. They come through not so much in your hard skills, but in your soft skills. These are things like your ability to problem solve, communicate, work with others and innovate. Take a good look at your personality and your work experience in order to discover these natural strengths, and make sure that they’re clearly communicated on your resume.

Become a Hiring Manager

Look at your CV from the point of view of a hiring manager. Does it clearly tell them what benefits you’re going to bring to their company? Does it spell out loud and clear the value you bring that others lack? Branding is about more than just logos and design. Good branding shows your unique contribution.

Value Proposition

Create your own unique value proposition. This is one sentence that says in as few words as possible exactly what benefits you bring. Trim any words or phrases that don’t specifically explain these benefits. Make sure that your value proposition is clear from the very beginning of the CV to the end.

Provide Evidence

Make bold claims about what you can do and then use your CV’s sections to back them up. Your job experience and educational background sections shouldn’t just be laundry lists of job responsibilities. They should include detailed facts and figures that emphasize the results you’ve gotten. To a hiring manager, this translates to the results you’ll get for them as well. Spend some time brainstorming your past achievements, focusing on how you’ve helped employers, customers, coworkers and clients.

Quick and Focused

After you create your CV, trim it of anything that doesn’t contribute to branding you. It should be simple and easy to read. The most important bits should be at the top and the left-hand side because these are the areas where the eye naturally falls.

When you’re writing your CV, remember that it will provide talking points for your interview. Include all of the success stories that you’d like to tell the hiring manager. Make sure that everything contributes to creating the personal brand that is You.

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