How to Decide What to Outsource First When Money is Tight

For the independent entrepreneur, the demands on your time are often overwhelming from day 1. There are so many moving parts and things to do that there are never enough hours in the day. Even for the seasoned businessperson, it’s difficult to relinquish control of any part of their business. Still, every successful internet marketer has come to the point where they have to outsource some of their business in order to take it to the next level. How do you decide which things to outsource when you’re ready, especially if cash is tight?

Before you even start to look for outsourcers, go through the following process:

Step 1. Make a list of all the tasks you hate to do.

It doesn’t matter whether youíre good at it or not, if the task is something you truly dislike doing, then itís a good candidate for outsourcing.

Step 2. Look at where you add value in your business.

Make a list of tasks where you don’t actually add much value. Examples could be formatting documents so they look nice for publishing or loading posts onto your blog from guest authors. If youíre not very good at writing, thatís a great opportunity to outsource also.

Step 3: Identify one-time activities.

Are there any jobs in your business that just need to be done once, and then theyíre complete? Those are great for outsourcing too. For example, setting up a new blog and configuring it with plugins and themes is a one-time task that can be completed quickly by one person.

Step 4. Look at tasks that are easy to outsource first.

The one-off tasks are usually the easiest to outsource first and help you avoid making a commitment to a longer term investment. However, if there are mundane activities you are doing that are taking time away from the true value-added parts of your business, then outsourcing these can help you grow your business by leaps and bounds. If you already know that your business is profitable and could expand if you only had the time, then it may be worth outsourcing basic ongoing tasks.

Step 5. Make some decisions and start your search.

Organize your list of tasks to outsource into immediate, short term and longer term. What will you outsource right away vs. in a few months or a year? Once you’ve made a list of what you’d like to outsource, you’ll be able to tell just what you need in terms of a real person. This often means hiring different people for different tasks since not everyone is good at everything. Get recommendations, search for people with good reputations on freelance sites, and make sure you always get samples of work. Finally, be sure to test someone before you commit a lot of money.

One of the most common statements by successful marketers is that they wish theyíd outsourced sooner. However, itís always easy to say something in hindsight. Take care to outsource wisely by making the most of your budget and testing your business model on a small scale first. Then, unless you want to drive yourself insane or only want a small income from your efforts, you will probably need to outsource some tasks.

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