How to Get the Most Exposure on Facebook

You’ve got to remember that the one thing Facebook cares about is keeping people on Facebook as long as possible, so they can show as many ads as possible and make the most money they can.

That’s why they’re going to push posts that are getting attention to the tops of peoples’ newsfeeds.

Now here’s how you ‘game’ the system (legally).

At the end of your post, request an action such as liking, sharing or commenting.

Click ‘like’ on every comment, even your own.

Include an eye-catching image on each post you make. Nothing complicated – simple works best.

Respond to every single comment people make.

Whenever possible, respond to those comments with another question that gets the commenter to make another comment.

When you respond to each comment, tag the person in it for an extra notification on their homepage.

Your goal is to make it appear to Facebook’s algorithm that there’s a ton of activity on your post. The more activity there is, the higher Facebook will place your post in peoples’ newsfeeds.

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