How to Implement Your Business Plan

All the plans in the world won’t help you if you don’t actually implement them. You need to lay out all your tasks into a clear action plan. Then, it’s just a matter of getting straight to work and plowing right through to success. The hardest part is done. Now it’s time to take action.

Set Up Your Business Model

Since you already know what you want to achieve and how it will be done, you can begin by setting up the basics. Write down each of the tasks you need to do to be ready to market your website or product.

For example, if you are creating an ebook, what exactly needs to be done to get it created? You’ll probably need to start with some research, then outline your main topics and do further research for each, write the book, compile everything, and get any graphics created. Each of those steps needs to have a timeframe and deadline attached to out, as well as who will be responsible for each (if you are outsourcing anything).

Once you have your tasks and deadlines laid out, just do them. Set aside a section of time each day or week and make sure you complete your tasks. If this means setting up a blog on Monday, and then writing an article per day the rest of the week, then commit to getting that done.

Implement Your First Marketing Campaign

If you have your site or product set up and ready to promote, it’s time to start marketing it and getting the word out about your great offer. Even if you don’t think your product or site is perfect, don’t worry about it. You’ll probably be tweaking and editing it over time anyway.

Just as you would with a product, lay out each of the steps you need to do to instigate your first marketing campaign. Be specific about the tasks, responsibilities and deadlines.  For example, if you want to promote your infoproduct, you might need to create a free offer, connect with joint venture partners, write your sales page copy, get the word out in relevant forums, or any other tasks that are crucial to the marketing strategy you’re focusing on first.

Don’t forget to also put your measures in place. Hopefully, you identified how you’ll measure your campaign’s success when you created your marketing plan. If not, figure them out now and keep track on a regular basis so you can tweak your tactics as needed. For example, if you have more than one giveaway you’re offering to get people on a list, check the sign-ups and conversion rates on each one on a daily basis. If one is converting higher than the other, try to figure out why. Then rinse and repeat.

Add Additional Marketing Strategies

When do you know it’s time to add more marketing strategies to the mix? That’s going to depend on the results you are already achieving, along with your time and budget constraints. If you are already having great success with one strategy, such as joint ventures, you may want to just stick with that. If you have extra time on your hands, then go right ahead and start implementing another promotional effort in your arsenal.

You should have already identified about 3 strategies when you created your marketing plan. Once you are ready to implement another strategy, go through the exact same steps you did for the first one. That means laying out the steps, responsibilities and timeline. It also means putting additional measurements in place to track results.

The broader the mix of marketing strategies you have, the more complicated your business will become. Make sure you map out each of your strategies step by step so that you can keep track of them and, if feasible, outsource as much as possible. If you want to keep your business simple, you’ll have to focus on whichever strategy produces the best results. Leave the rest for marketers who don’t mind a little extra complication in their lives.

You can almost guarantee the success of your business and marketing plans by putting in place and following detailed action plans. This is where many people fail. They don’t get success immediately and decide to try something else. Stick with your plan, reap the rewards, rinse and repeat for ultimate success.

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