It’s All About Relationships

Once you know the formula to success, it’s time to consider different avenues in which that formula should be put in to action.  The main one you’ll find in every area of your life is relationships.

Why relationships?  Because we are human beings, designed to interact with other human beings.  This, by default, entails relationships.  And also by default, if you don’t have appropriate skills to manage your relationships, you will fail miserably at whatever success you’re aiming for.

The first relationship you must consider is the one you have with yourself.  If you don’t like yourself, chances are great you will project that dislike to others and your lack of self-appreciation will not propel you to success in any given field.  The higher your integrity is, the more you will like yourself.  The more you like yourself, the better your relationships will be with others—from the inside out.

Your family relationship is the next thing to examine.  The most successful Harvard Business graduates (class of 1949, by percentages) had several things in common:

  • They  had wives who supported their work and endeavors; women who were intelligent and able to share ideas and be a sounding board
  • They built their personal, family, and business lives on a foundation of integrity

Family relationships are extremely important as you consider your path to success.  If you fail here, you will not succeed elsewhere—we’ve already covered that in depth.

Business relationships follow closely behind family relationships.  They play a major role in the security and productivity of every individual involved in them, as well as the success and growth of the company.

You must also learn to manage your frustration as you deal with relationships.  Because we are all human, we all have problem-areas and “sticking points” that will irritate and inflame others.  If you can manage your frustration and turn a bad situation with an individual in to something you can learn from and make profitable, you will be that much farther ahead on your road to success.

Consider also, that the next person you meet is important.  He or she might look like someone who cannot help you in your field, but then again, looks are deceiving.  You never know when the person you assist might be able to assist you or report back to your boss what a great job you’re doing!

Summing up this section, you should be able to see how healthy family relationships, a willingness to go above & beyond at work, and an ability to consider the next person as important can have a monumental effect on your path to success.  We cannot do it alone, and that mere fact means we must deal appropriately with people and relationships!

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