Michael Jackson – His music will live forever!

A childhood hero for many and a master music titan. With some of his songs containing a magic that keeps the track fresh no matter what year you listen to it in. In my opinion no other artist has ever done this. I heard his track Billy Jean after many years and it’s still got the fresh , new ageless beat to it total genius. I’ve pulled out the old records and will be listening to the great music he left behind for us.

This is my Tribute to Michael Jackson- The Legendary King of pop. Blessed was your music!

I was bad, my parents told me off! A smooth criminal in my own right. I always wanna be startin somthin,, I did the moon walk and I watched moon walker and imitated your dance moves and grabbed my……… I told people to beat it and had many thrilla nights. Your music helped me out of a jam when i hid in the closet because there was someone in the dark.. who is it I said before I scremed……. billy jean she said. I cant help it the girl is mine it was off the wall what can i say its only human nature just dont stop till you get enough. I wanted to rock with you working night and day. My girl firend kicked my butt but shes out of my life, I cant help it, its the falling in love thats when you cry oh baby be mine be the lady in my life and she says we’re just good friends but another part of me just cant stop loving you so just leave me alone, the way you make me feel is dangerous. That’s when i would say you are not alone, 2 bad she would say. She was just a heart breaker but it made me invincible…. I said baby you rock my world before I started to cry and had butterflies in my tummy… was like getting shocked with 2000 watts of morphine. Boy is that scary. It makes you feel unbreakable and you say heaven can wait i got to keep the faith and Heal the world, make it a better place…. for you and for me and the entire human race… black or white it doesn’t matter just give into me and remember the time and fly away. I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways……if you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change . Will you be here with me, or don’t you care about us, lets come together, you are not a lone… we will make history so smile this time around and don’t be speechless …you are my life…. what ever happens don’t be threatened…. we are the world, we are here to change the world, we’ve had enough… don’t walk away lets burn this disco out!

RIP Michael Jackson your music will live forever!

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