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What You Need to Have On Your Offline Business Website

Creating a great website for an offline business isn’t second nature. But what you put there makes a huge difference to people who visit your site. If you don’t have the content they’re looking for in the right places, they’ll click away and the only results you’ll see will be a high bounce rate.

What Do You Do?

The most important element of any website is a description of what you do. Tell everyone who visits your site exactly what your business will do for them. If this isn’t clear to them in the first 10 seconds of scanning your site, they’ll head somewhere else. Use the WIIFM principle ‘what’s in it for me?’ This is what people are asking when they visit your site.

Where Are You?

The location of your business should be prominently displayed on your site. Many of your visitors will be finding your site using smartphones and mobile devices. They’ll be looking for a place to eat, shop, or take care of business in their local area. You need to make sure your site tells them your business is in the vicinity.

Contact Information

Your site should tell visitors how to reach you not only through email or a contact form, but also offline. Include your address and phone number. It’s best to have a local number and a toll-free 0800 number listed as well. The 0800 number gives you a more professional image and builds trust among your site visitors.

Something to Watch

If you put a video on your site, you’ll see a much higher customer response rate. The video doesn’t have to be anything special. Even if it’s just a minute or two long, it’ll make a difference. Show them around your business so that they can imagine themselves there, and show them your real, human side.

Fresh Content

You’ll find your site ranking higher in search engines if you update your content on a regular basis. A blog about topics related to your business or current news in your industry is a great way to do this. It will provide ‘link bait’ – more keywords that direct searches to your site – as well as showing the search engines that your site’s alive and well, and worth directing searches to.

Don’t Forget To Network

If you have a social media presence on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, connect them all with your website. You can get plugins like ‘Tweet This’ and ‘Like This’ for your website so that people can instantly tell their friends about you on their social media networks.

Finally, don’t focus only on attracting web surfers to your online presence. Make sure that your website’s URL is prominently displayed on all of your promotional materials. Get your offline customers there by offering special Web-only deals and interactive features like games and contests.

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