Offline Traffic Tactics :: Part 1

Here are some great ways to create traffic using offline methods

Guest star on a radio talk show
Radio talk shows are hot these days and make a great platform for you to get your name out there.

Get yourself on television
Do a local television show as a guest. If you have the money pay for a local commercial spot. Television is an amazingly effective medium.

Be a guest speaker
Got o local clubs or organizations and volunteer to be a guest speaker for their next function. This works best if the group is somehow related to your product or group members are a part of your target market.

Make yourself into an expert
Being an expert gives you status and makes people believe in you. Start establishing yourself as an expert in your community so you can have people start vouching for your expertise.

Advertise in a local magazine
Local magazines are affordable and a good way to get your name to the public.

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