Offline Traffic Tactics :: Part 2

Use direct mailings
Direct mail is a proven method of advertising. You can make highly targeted mailings and reach your customers with a fairly inexpensive method of marketing.

Start up a telemarketing campaign
Telemarketing is a very effective. It is also something you can do on your own so it is cheap.

Print up business cards
Business cards are great tools that can be used in many different ways. You can hand them out, leave them at local stores and even send them with orders.

Sponsor a contest
Offer your products as a prize for a contest. Be sire to include your label or business card with your URL in the prize package.

Sponsor a sports team
Local non-school associated sports teams rely on sponsors to fund their programs. In exchange for sponsoring the team you get your business name displayed on their uniforms. It is a great trade off.

Give to charity
Give in the name of your business and you will help your business reputation.

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