Offline Traffic Tactics :: Part 3

Print up tee shirts
Tee shirts are great advertising tools. Think about how many times you have stopped to read someone’s t-shit. Now think about how amazing that could be for your business.

Pass out bumper stickers
Bumper stickers are a cheap way to get your business name out there. You can give them away with orders or just hand them out to people who already have one on their car.

Use the old stand by of word of mouth
Word of mouth has been a great tool for building many businesses. Put it to work for you by encouraging people to tell others about you.

Set up shop at fairs or festivals
Fairs and festivals allow you to reach a large group of shoppers. You can set up a booth for a small fee and sell quite a bit of product.

Print up pamphlets
Pamphlets allow you to put all the important information is an easy to read package. People do not usually mind taking a pamphlet and looking it over. Plus it is a nice reminder of your URL and business name.

Send out text messages
People use text messaging as a main form of communication these days. Get into the trend and send out text messages like you would email messages. People like to forward messages so make yours catchy enough to be something they will forward and get more mileage out of your efforts.

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