Offline Traffic Tactics :: Part 5

Post ads on bulletin boards
Bulletin boards are underused tools. They are simple to use and free. Post a flyer on one for a boost in sales. Make sure you get permission, though, and follow the rules.

Be a part of the Sunday paper

The Sunday newspaper is the most popular newspaper and the prime market for advertising. You can either put an ad in the classifieds or you can add a flyer to the loose pages of the paper.

Place newspaper ads

Newspaper ads are surprisingly effective and affordable. Use them to your advantage.

Hand out flyers
Flyers allow you to target customers and add that personal touch because it gives you face time with them as you are passing them out.

Get in the church bulletin
Church bulletins are well read and they are a great place to get your business name published. You should contact the pastor to see how you can get in the bulletin.

Develop an offline affiliate program
Affiliate programs are not just for online. If you have a product that can be easily carried around and showed off then you can make an offline program.

Get in a newsletter
Many local organizations and groups publish newsletters that go out to all their members. You need to get your name in there. Write a guest article or do an interview.

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