Search Engine Submission and Organic Optimization

BigFanta have just launched a new service to help you increase traffic to your website.We all know a site on its own with no traffic is no good, so we’ve been thinking and researching and monitoring sites for some time now. With so many people claiming xyz and guaranteed rankings we know a huge chunk of it is just hype. Alot of Customers are misled and because every one is talking about it, every one wants so be at the “top”. But this is not always the case, as you are going up against thousand if not millions of sites.

Search engines are clever, people try to out smart them, but they keep changing their algorithm. If you keep trying to out smart the search engines your websites can become messy. We’ve seen this happen with many clients. The best way is organic SEO natural listings. This goes down well with search engines and you don’t get black listed as you are all natural, hence more credibility long term.

This is a good service as it will defiantly save you lots as apposed to pay per click and in the long run rank you better then your competitor. Coupled with regular blogging and video uploads you will see massive increase. Please find below details of our new organic seo service.

ORGANIC search engine optimization is probably the most cost effective way to increase your natural listing

see site for full description

Recommend minimum time – 6 months (this way you will have more intell to go by) as it can take google 6-8 weeks to gather Intel and recognize changes.

Also for existing customers or customer who purchse one of our hosting packages we have a search engine submission service

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