Strategic Website Pages

Everything you need to know BEFORE you START or RE-DESIGN your website

Discover How To Create The 4 KEY Pages Needed On Your Website For Maximum Visitor Engagement & Customer Conversions

"Most websites turn people away rather than inviting them in and you probably don't even realize it's happening."

Business owners who approach their website content strategically know exactly what their visitors want.... and then they deliver it!

Dear Business Owner, your website is your home on the internet and most websites turn people away rather than inviting them in and you probably don't even realize it's happening.

But did you know with just a few critical pages, you would see a huge difference in the results from your website. That is why its very important that you create this content before your create/redesign your website. One of the biggest challengs business owners have is actually provding the main content for the website. 

The good news is, due to over 12 years in business we can help you ask the right questions and show you what you need inorder to create the 4 KEY Important Strategic Pages for your website. And hence create a home on the web that welcomes prospects, builds relationships with your customers so you can finally see your business take off to new heights.

Without these pages setup in the correct way, you are loosing out on massive busines opportunities. 

Here's what you need to know:

Determining the Key Pages for Your Website

We start by revealing the critical pages needed for any business website. Your #1 goal should be to better attract and engage your visitors, so you eventually convert those visitors to loyal customers. We'll give you the exact questions you need to ask yourself in order to make strategic website content decisions that lead to results.

Create a First-Rate Home Page

Next, we will show you how to outline a plan for a hig converting website home page. We give you a process to follow that will tell your visitors who you are, what you offer, and how you can assist them in meeting their goals or answering their questions. We show you what your websites needs to let your visitors know exactly what they need to know to spark their curiosity and continue to other pages on your site

Design Your Captivating About Us Page

In Module 3, we explain the key components for creating an ‘About’ page that draws in and engages your website visitors, so that you can start to form rapport with prospects and build a trusting relationship. Did you know that this is often the first page that people will go to on a website! Especially when the don't know much about you, so natrually they are curious about who you are,

Begin with Your 'Start Here' Page

Many business owners ignore the needs of first-time visitors to their site, so in this module we show you a simple process for creating a 'Start Here' or 'Welcome' page that can give you a big advantage over your competitors. The 'Start Here' page will show first-time visitors that they’re in the right place, organise the website for them, and help new visitors find the most important information that meets their needs.

Create a Magnetic Blog That Keeps Readers Coming Back

Blogs are a terrific way to build your reputation as an influencer, improve your search engine results, and gather leads who you can convert to customers. In Module 5, we show you how to outline a plan for a Blog page (or section of your site) that invites visitors to read more, expands your authority, and brings in more site traffic.

Additional Critical Website Pages to Include

While we have covered the 4 most important website pages your site needs by this point, there are other critical pages to include too. In this module, we explore the ones that every high-converting website needs for meeting customer demands and business goals, as well as pages that are specific to different types of businesses.

Best Practices to Consider When Writing Your Website Content

In Module 7, we discuss some proven best practices for actually writing the page content, so that it’s compelling AND user-friendly. These are simple guidelines that anyone can follow, even if you are not a professional writer.

Conclusion: Create Your Action Plan

This is how we show you how to put it all together. Identify the next steps for creating or revising your website so that it attracts and engages visitors while strengthening customer relationships and put together action plan deadlines for getting it done. Then simply add the content to your esixting website or get a web team to create/re-design your website.

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Ready To Take Action?

 In most cases business owners provide the content for the site but they are not sure what to do, what to provide and how to go about it, hence a web project can drag on for ages. Or they may get someone to write the content but most of the time content writers will still need to extract this content from you in order to write it up. 

So Here's exactly what you need to do in order to save time get off to a great start:  

Step 1 : understand your business and target audience and create the content for the 4 key pages

Step 2 : Either add this content to your existing site or pass it on to your web team

and or Step 3 : Hire us to create / redesign your website for maximum impact

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