What Makes BMW and Companies Like Coca Cola and Virgin Such a Major Success?

They know what their clinets need all have powerful identities that resonate with their consumers, customers, suppliers and employees!

Deep Dive One to One Strategy Session

We provide a unique, time and cost effective solution to unlock the ‘essence’ of your company and brand to give your business the competitive advantage it needs to steal valuable share and grow in your particular marketplace/niche, whether that be business to consumer or business to business.

Our solution is simple – it starts with us facilitating a deep dive strategy session workshop (one to one), using proven business tools, with your senior management that will identify:

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    The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats driving your business, both now and in the future
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    Whats the problem niche/whats the solution
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    Know your target audience
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    Consumer / market learning
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    Target market – primary & secondary avatar
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    Review vision / mission statement
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    Understand commercial objectives/route to market
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    Review consumer positioning/statement
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    Product/service offering / Value proposition
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    Your signature solution
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    Customer Journey
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    Brand essence pyramid/brainstorm
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    Benefits, features, emotional linkage
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    Brand essence selection / Tagline – The key ‘Essence’ of your business and brand that will drive emotional engagement with your target customer, leading to greater levels of purchase intent and long-term loyalty
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    Strategic initiatives – The Key Strategic Issues that need to be addressed by your business, products and brands to enable them to become more competitive and to grow in size

It’s like having a sat nav, if you know the destination, you then have a clear roadmap that makes it easier to get there. Most web companies don’t do this. But we look at the long-term business plans and goals. If you map this out properly form the beginning then it will work for you with clarity.

What do you get?

The package includes fully written up output from the workshop

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    Output written documentation of the learnings which can be used for all marketing requirements
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    Web strategy specification documentation and digital strategy
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    Competitor web review
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    We then provide guidance on how the workshop learning and key strategic output can be built into your ongoing business and marketing communication plans.

Sometimes businesses are so in the picture they can’t see the frame. Our extraction process creates a powerful mind dump which allows you gain a birds-eye view of your business. This workshop will help you create/have a clear vision for your brand and its values so you may communicate your message with ease.

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One To One Deep Dive Strategy Workshop

Date: One to one workshop (we will email you with a convenient time that works best for you.)
Time: Generally 9:30am – 5:30pm

A Little Bit About Us...

We are a web design company who provide Digital Strategy, Implementation & Marketing Solutions For Your Business

BigFanta have been at the forefront of testing new approaches to ensure our clients get the best return from their online marketing budgets.

We work with Entrepreneurs/Small businesses, Authors/Speakers and Experts to develop and build web solutions that deliver measurable commercial results. Most web designers and developers know how to make websites look good, but there are only a handful that understand how to turn them into powerful sales tools.

By applying effective web strategy and direct consumer response design techniques, we turn websites into results driven sales and marketing tools that get more visitors, more customer conversions and more revenue for you.

Client Testimonials

See what the Authors, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Experts are saying.


I have had the good fortune to have been introduced to Jatinder last year by a mutual friend called Amrit Singh. Jatinder's unique approach to life & his faith, has enabled him to easily create an instant rapport with anyone that he meets. He takes any complex project & instantly creates a 'simple' action plan with an ease that I have seldom witnessed!!

I would have no hesitation in strongly advising anyone thinking of using him to create an ultimate online profile or business, to take action and get him signed up immediately.

He has been at hand with my personal projects, as though they were his own. This is a very highly valued mindset for me. Thank you for your vision Jatinder!

Sukhi Wahiwala - Business Mentor

Jatinder and the team at BIGFANTA have been great in helping me achieve my ideal website for my business.

They have always suggested to me great ways to attract more traffic to my web page, whilst keeping the design to my artistic ideal.

I highly recommend anyone who wants a beautiful and professional website to get it done by BIGFANTA. Unlike other web design companies, they keep costs to a minimum and are always quick in getting the job done

Kezia Noble - Dating Coach

A dedicated team of individuals, BigFanta follow through on what they do and diligently go about their work until they create the required results. BigFanta are quick to help and crack on with things, practicing what they preach on an hourly basis.

Ron G Holland - Top Biz Guru, Best Selling Author

BigFanta has really “FIZZED UP” my web presence, putting me on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE!

I am truly grateful to the BigFanta team. They are really professional and internet geniuses, who can take your business to the next level. BigFanta have designed & developed a state-of-the-art on-line as well as an off-line marketing plan, using leading-edge technology and professional graphic design to create a WOW FACTOR to woo your prospective customers! BigFanta has also gone out of their way to help meet tight deadlines many a time.

More customers are coming through the door via internet enquiries, and business is booming. What else can I say… A BIG FIZZY THANKS TO BIGFANTA!

Lak Loi - JKD London

Having worked with many web design companies I have to say BigFanta have been the most receptive. They are open to suggestion and are willing players in working with me to achieve what I wanted. They seem to be able to help in making things easier and suggest ideas and thoughts to help the process along. It’s been a pleasure working with BigFanta and will definitely use them again in the near future.

Bruce King - Leading sales, marketing and personal growth strategist

BigFanta worked carefully for us on our website from the get go, they helped us with the planning, they created the look and feel, the logo, the backend and much, much more. One of the things I especially liked was working with a small company that thinks big - great work guys, I'll be back

Duncan Gledhill

Every now and then one meets someone in a field of business that they're not savvy themselves, who they instantly trust. Jatinder is one of those very people!

Not being particularly IT knowledgeable myself, but yet knowing my business depends upon a strong Online presence, within 15 minutes of meeting Jatinder I knew he was dependable, trustworthy, smart and forwards thinking.

Jatinder has been managing much of my digital marketing and websites since we met mid 2011. I would recommend him to everyone I knew, but I'm scared that would leave him too stretched. So please don't ask Jatinder for help, because I want him all to myself.

Ian Young - Author of "It's Not About Me!

I have worked with many so-called IT & Web companies over the last few years, many of these companies have let our company down time after time (over-promising and under-delivering). Jatinder & the team at BigFanta have continuously impressed us with their attention to detail, delivery and ongoing support. I would highly recommend BigFanta.

Mac Attram - #1 International Best Selling Author (Face It & Fix It)

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