Web Consultancy

Creating synergy between your online and offline

We help you identify how to create synergy between your online and offline activities and hence using the web effectively to expand your business in a synergistic manner to utilize your business flow process using the web.


You may already have a website but is it working in synergy with your business? Are you using online means effectively to create more awareness or flow in your business? Do you want more traffic? more customers? and more sales?

We all know a website on its own is no good with out traffic. But even increasing the traffic may not benefit you, unless your activities are harmonized.

Are you ready for an Internet consultant to develop a long term, accountable Internet strategy for your company?

  • Your site is out of date and no longer supports your brand.
  • You want your site to attract more traffic.
  • You think users are getting lost on your site
  • You need the ability to easily control your site’s content.
  • Your company is not efficiently managing and sharing data and information within your organization.

There are short-term tactics that can be address these issues individually: updating your content, making design changes, installing an intranet, or running a pay-per-click campaign. The most effective approach is to develop a proactive, business driven Internet Strategy. We pull the tactics together and leverage the Internet as a strategic tool that drives long-term business objectives.

  • Defining short and long term goals & objectives
  • Defining your audience
  • Evaluating your competition
  • Developing site navigational map / site outline
  • Determining & developing site content
  • Determining technology standards
  • Defining on-going workload implications
  • Developing short and long term web marketing plans

Our analytical approach combined with our insight and strategic experience in Internet marketing consulting provides clients with a long-term competitive edge. Our marketing consultants work with clients throughout the duration of their business cycle, including needs assessment, strategic planning, implementation, and continual refinement.

Our Marketing Consultants
Our marketing consultants are real people with a passion for Internet marketing consulting and online marketing strategy. We take the time to discover your business goals, your current Internet marketing and your offline marketing tactics. We are good communicators and easy to work with and will quickly immerse ourselfs in your business. You will find our bigfanta to be professional, highly knowledgeable, and comfortable in working directly with all levels of an organization.


  • help you formulate the best possible strategy for internet success
  • providing an outside perspective, a different  viewpoint on your industry from an internet perpective
  • over 10 years of experience in developing websites
  • understand the systematic business processes to take your business online
  • deliver solutions consistent with higher level organizational goals

Innovation plays a key role in our strategy formulation and recommendations process. Continually researching and implementing our Internet marketing best practices, emerging trends and new technologies. This allows us to present opportunities that might be outside of your traditional industry perspective.

Our Commitment
To understand your business and existing knowledge base, merge this information with our expertise in Internet marketing and provide an action plan to formulate:

  • Long term strategy focused on Internet technologies to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.
  • Incremental and systematic marketing consulting to improve your site’s ability to attract, retain, and convert traffic.
  • Improve understanding of trends and technologies as the Internet and visitor experience evolve.
  • Research and best practice techniques to maximize user experience through accessibility and usability.
  • An understanding of emerging Internet frameworks, applications and technologies that will present new competitive threats and opportunities over the next decade, that includes social networks, blogs, viral marketing, performance search marketing, and Web 2.0 methodologies
  • An effective translation of your offline brand onto the Internet, providing an experience that differentiates your organization from competitors

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