What makes BMW and companies like Coca Cola and Virgin such a major success?

They all have powerful identities that resonate with their consumers, customers, suppliers and employees!

We provide a unique, time and cost effective solution to unlock the ‘essence’ of your company and brand to give your business the competitive advantage it needs to steal valuable share and grow in your particular marketplace/niche, whether that be business to consumer or business to business.

Our solution is simple – it starts with us facilitating a strategy session workshop (one to one), using proven business tools, with your senior management that will identify:

  • The Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats driving your business, both now and in the future
  • Whats the problem niche/whats the solution
  • Know your target audience
  • Consumer / market learning
  • Target market – primary & secondary avatar
  • Review vision / mission statement
  • Understand commercial objectives/route to market
  • Review consumer positioning/statement
  • Brand essence pyramid/brainstorm
  • Benefits, features, emotional linkage
  • Brand essence selection / Tagline – The key ‘Essence’ of your business and brand that will drive emotional engagement with your target customer, leading to greater levels of purchase intent and long-term loyalty
  • Strategic initiatives – The Key Strategic Issues that need to be addressed by your business, products and brands to enable them to become more competitive and to grow in size
  • Product/service offering / Value proposition
  • Your signature solution
  • Customer Journey

It’s like having a sat nav, if you know the destination, you then have a clear path that makes it easier to get there. Most web companies don’t do this. But we look at the long-term business plans and goals.  If you map this out properly form the beginning then it will work for you with clarity.

The package includes fully written up output from the workshop

  • Output written documentation of the learnings which can be used for all marketing requirements
  • Web strategy specification documentation and digital strategy
  • Competitor web review

We then provide guidance on how the workshop learning and key strategic output can be built into your ongoing business and marketing communication plans.

Sometimes businesses are so in the picture they can’t see the frame. Our extraction process creates a powerful mind dump which allows you gain a birds-eye view of your business. This workshop will help you create/have a clear vision for your brand and its values so you may communicate your message with ease.

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One To One Brand Essence Workshop

Date: One to one workshop (we will email you with a convenient time that works best for you.)
Time: Generally 9:30am – 5:30pm