Web/Business Planing

Sometimes people get stuck when they want to get started in setting up a website or expanding further. We understand this so have put together some questions you can go through to get a better understanding to help you with your web project.


* What is the initial concept?
* What is your current situation?
* What will your key success factors be?
* What are your longer-term vision and goals?

Market analysis

* What does the current market look like?
* What is your target market?
* What are the characteristics of your perfect client?
* What do your target clients require?

Competitive overview

* What does your industry look like?
* Are there many competitors?
* Who are your 5-10 closest competitors?
* What products or services do they offer?
* What opportunities do you have to be unique? (Can you fill a niche or be different from your competitors in some way?)
* What are is the SWOT > Strength, weakness, opportunities and treats ?

Sales and marketing

* How will you attract clients?
* How can potential clients find you?
* What marketing activities would you consider?

Plan of action

* What do you need to do in order to kick things off?
* What should you do in the medium term?
* What are some longer-term plans?

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