What to look for when selecting web developers

Good web developers think like business owners, they understand what a web site must do:

-Market and target your audience on the web
-Get the message across clearly
-Display information so that it is easy to find
-Provide easy and clear way to contact you or buy your product

When you choose a web designer ask the following questions
– does there portfolio show easy to navigate sites?
– is it easy to read information on these sites?
– does the design show clear understanding of audience?

Useful websites need to be easy to find, good designers have good understanding natural seo and with further work do effective seo

Designer should be able to suggest ideas to make your site work well
– help you with guidance of what is required

Good web design is focused on simplicity, Clear easy to navigate pages giving competitive advantage that makes you stand out on the Internet and Navigation should be consistent from page to page and easy.
Things to consider – What do you want people to do when they come to your website?
– “call to action” should be clear and simple
– Do you want them to call you, email you or fill out a form? this should be very clear should never be more than a click away.
– Is the buy of a product a simple process?
– The paths should always be clear and simple

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