A lot of people have web design skills now. Why shouldn’t we use a graduate who has these skills?

We do find that this is one of the most common scenarios we are presented with. Our answer is that design skills are only a very small part of web site development and strategy. It is no good having an attractive site if it does not attract visitors.

The process we go through in designing a site is exhaustive. Firstly, there can be a series of meetings with clients to establish exactly what they want and need the site to do. Once the objectives of the site are clearly fixed, we research the target market and assess their requirements for such a site.

In close consultation with our clients, we then move on to complete the look and feel of the site.

The copy is developed in association with the client and our expert Internet marketer to ensure that the site will place as high as possible in search engines, if applicable, and to ensure its relevancy. Privacy commitments are then included into the site (again, research shows that privacy is the biggest concerns for Internet users).

Our security expert is brought in to try to crack the site code, access databases, etc. to ensure a high level of security is provided for the site.

The entire site is then reviewed via a complex process whereby a vast amount of technical information is gathered and assessed by our team.

Once the site passes a series of strict criteria, ranging from security issues, to navigational issues, to marketing issues, the site is passed for hosting.

Clients are involved in the development of the site as much as possible, to ensure that it meets the objectives set earlier and is a site of the highest standard.

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